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‘Alvin and the Chipmunks’ trailer

I’m convinced that Jason Lee has sold his soul to some movie studio. First he signed on for Underdog, voicing the titular role, and now he’s playing Dave in an upcoming Alvin and the Chipmunks film. This trailer starts out promising, but loses its luster a minute in. I fully expect these bad-CGI/live-action cartoon adaptations to go the route of… well, previous bad-CGI/live-action cartoon adaptations. Garfield, anyone? Surely Kevin Smith must have a role for our boy Jason Lee. If you must, here’s the trailer:

[via Geeks of Doom (the Kings of Trailers lately)]


Beowulf and Resident Evil: Extinction R-Rated Trailers

R-rated (“red band”) trailers seem to be gaining popularity online. I’m quite partial to this trend, as we’ll get to see more and more trailers that show more of what the movie’s like. Enough talking, just click.


Resident Evil: Extinction

[via Geeks of Doom]