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Introducing the Apple iClip!

Apple iClip

Alright, fine, it’s not really named that, but Apple sure does have a sense of humor. They sent this iPhone user a paper clip as his warranty service packet. Some are accusing Apple of wasting resources with packaging and shipping, but those people need to calm down and find something else to worry about (like, say, racist video games).

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iPhone makes man sterile

Okay, so maybe the iPhone didn’t make the man sterile so much as he got a vasectomy so his wife would let him have an iPhone. Either way, it’s a great story. Here’s an excerpt from the Gizmodo article:

“Mr. Johnson was on a roadtrip to Boise with his kids, wife left behind at home taking care of the baby. He arrived to the hotel at 10:50pm and, probably leaving his kids biting Sneakers bars and watching TV in his room, he recklessly drove to an AT&T store to check the Advent of the PhoneLord (ok, so maybe it wasn’t exactly reckless, but cut me some slack here, will you?) Lo and behold, he raised his holy hand cellphone upon high saying “o iPhone, Son of Steve Jobs, Defeater of the Saxons, Sovereign of All California, thou shall be mine!” And there he went, with a new iPhone 4GB in his hands, purchased without Wife Clearance.

Yes, in some parts of the world this probably means getting your genitals completely severed. But not in the good ole U.S. of A. Or maybe not in the case of Mr. Johnson: he only had to return the iPhone to the store after the Commander in Chief told him that his behaviour was absolutely unacceptable. You may have gotten an MessiahPhone, but you are very naughty boy —return it at once! she probably said.

Two days later, she joined him in Denver. He was sad, non-talkative, down, depressed. You know, putting the Bambi Eyes and sighing at the sight of any Apple logo on display. The whole treatment. Noticing it, she broke the question:

— Honey, how badly you want the iPhone?
— Badly —he said, puppy eyes again, no doubt— very badly.

“Would you be willing to finally make that appointment for a vasectomy?” she replied.

Mr. Johnson absolutely loves his new 8GB iPhone.”

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iPhone alternatives for Sprint customers

Over at jkOnTheRun, Kevin posted a trio of alternatives for you Sprint-locked iPhone coveters. In his post, he covers the HTC Mogul, Motorola Q, and BlackBerry 8830. As a Sprint customer myself, I quite enjoy my Palm Treo 700wx.

.Palm Treo 700wx

The Palm Treo 700wx is a more-than-respectable alternative to the iPhone. At $300 after rebate (or $300 with no rebate if you use the SERO plan) , the phone starts off a good deal cheaper than the iPhone. If you opt for the SERO plan, which I use, 500 minutes and unlimited data is only $30/month which is half the iPhone’s cost. Bump that up to 1250 minutes and you’re at $50/month, which is still less than the iPhone.

The screen may not be as spiffy as the iPhone’s, but browsing with Minimo or Opera Mini is enjoyable. As for music and video, the iPhone solidly trumps the Treo there, since the included Windows Media Player is stodgy and difficult. However, I can do many things with my Treo that cannot be done with an iPhone:
– Tether to my laptop (w/o the phone-as-modem plan) for high-speed Internet access

– Connect to EV-DO for high-speed Internet access

– Expand storage with an SD card

– Expand functionality with an SD card

– Make custom ringtones from mp3s (free ringtones from any song I want?!?)

– Install a plethora of creative and/or useful third-party apps

– Replace the friggin’ battery!

– Turn off the sound with a quick external toggle. This may seem trivial but it beats having to go through 20 menus to turn the phone on silent.

The iPhone may be flashier than the Treo, but for functionality and expandability, the Treo has the iPhone beat.